Cape Town – The Destination of Choice for People Looking for English Language Courses

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With Table Mountain reaching up to the African sky above and the sea stretched out before you an English school in Cape Town is a destination with lots to offer people looking to learn English. Cape Town is one of the most beautiful places in the world at which you can practice and learn English. It is a world famous holiday destination which makes it a great place for somebody looking to further their English language skills. With a large collection of English schools offering language courses combined with the beautiful setting it is unsurprising that foreign students are flocking to the city to improve their English.

The last decade has seen an influx of immigrants from Northern Africa pushed from their home countries by violence and lured by the popular myth that the streets of South Africa are paved with gold. These immigrants are mostly French speaking and require, in order to integrate better into society and to find work, an English school. Cape Town unfortunately experienced, with the arrival of these immigrants, an explosion in less than scrupulous “English schools” in Cape Town that offered students the chance to learn English with no certification and often very little real teaching experience. That is why it is important that when you look for an English school in Cape Town you ensure that it is a member of EduSA [Education South Africa]and if possible certification by an International Organisation.This will ensure that you will not only receive quality English language instruction but also a certificate recognised internationally when you have finished your English language course. Should you wish to become a TEFL teacher, again it is imperative that you enroll for an internationally accredited course like CELTA, which is certified by the University of Cambridge.

The cosmopolitan nature of Cape Town allows students from all over the world to comfortably integrate into South African culture and make friends, especially when attending an English school. The Town has a diverse population which means that visitors whether long term or short term never feel like outsiders for long. Spend an hour during the day at one of the many cafes in the CBD and you will find yourself exposed to languages and cultures that range from Xhosa to German. A popular destination for both South Africans and foreigners Cape Town should be a serious consideration for anyone planning a change of scenery, whether it is to look for work or learning.

There is a large choice of accommodation available and most visitors are able to find something that suits their budget, one thing you can be sure of is that almost anywhere in Cape Town that you choose to stay, you will have views of the mountain or the sea if you’re lucky you’ll have both. This natural setting makes a stunning place at which to study, speak to any student and they’ll tell you about the calming effect that the proximity of this natural beauty can have at stressful times, such as when studying for exams. English school is the ideal place to learn a strange language and experience a new culture.

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