How to Find the Best CBD for TMJ and Toothpain

How to Find the Best CBD for TMJ and Toothpain
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Do you have jaw pain? Maybe you’re struggling to move your mouth? If so, you may have temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ). Often called temporomandibular disorder (TMD), 33% of the population struggles with a TMJ/TMD symptom.

Aside from TMJ, general toothaches are common. So common to where they’re a public health issue.

Maybe you’re struggling with jaw and tooth pain, and the dentist can’t get you into an appointment immediately? Or maybe your dentist can’t find the problem? 

In that case, you may be looking for an alternative to NSAIDs. If so, you likely considered CBD. But can CBD help with TMJ and tooth pain?

TL;DR? Tooth pain and TMD can cause pain and inflammation. It’s important to talk to your dentist and ensure your pain has no underlying cause. However, you may want to try CBD to decrease your pain and inflammation in-between dentist appointments.

I recommend Penguin CBD Oil the most out of all of these products. Penguin is a notable CBD brand that creates high-quality products. The tincture is broad spectrum, so you get no THC in this product.

What Is TMJ?

First, let’s get some definitions out of the way. TMJ is the joint that connects your lower jaw to your skull. This joint is why the mouth can open and close, so we can talk and eat.

While TMJ is the name for that joint, it’s often known as the health conditions linked to that jaw. However, more professionals refer to these conditions as TMD for less confusion.

The most common TMD symptom is jaw discomfort. However, TMD may be responsible for other forms of pain, including:

Facial pain

Another common symptom is jaw clicking and popping, especially when opening and closing your mouth. Pain doesn’t always follow the clicking, but many do experience pain in addition to jaw popping. 

This sensation occurs due to dislocation, trauma, and displaced disc. Even simple actions such as grinding your teeth, clenching your jaw, and often chewing (such as gum) will stress out the joints and cause these symptoms.

What Is Tooth Pain?

Well, this definition seems obvious. However, tooth pain is more complex than we think. When the root of the tooth becomes irritated, it results in a painful sensation. 

The most common culprits are tooth decay and infection, though tooth pain can have other causes. A damaged filling, tooth fracture, and repetitive motions can also cause pain. 

Some people have sensitive teeth, though exposed tooth roots and worn tooth enamel also cause sensitivity. A pain that you may think is in your tooth may actually stem from your gums. Gum infections and diseases also cause pain.

How CBD Works to Relieve Pain

First and foremost, if you have tooth pain or suspect you have TMD, visit your dentist and discover some professional treatments. I will also discuss those in the next section. 

However, you may want something in-between appointments or during the healing process. Can CBD help you?

First, we need to develop a better understanding of CBD in order to confirm it can honestly treat pain and inflammation. However, what we know is positive.

The leading theory of how CBD works to achieve wellness is through something called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Our ECS was discovered in the early 1990s.

Every mammal has an ECS. It’s a cell-signaling system where your body releases endocannabinoids. 

Cannabinoids in the marijuana plant can signal your natural endocannabinoids to behave in various ways, which is why we experience specific effects when consuming cannabis.

Studies show that the ECS regulates pain sensation when it comes to pain.

While researchers are still trying to discover all ECS capabilities, it does seem to regulate other functions such as:

And more

Where does CBD come in? Well, researchers also don’t fully understand CBD. 

However, it does the ECS in various ways. The two leading theories are that CBD connects to specific receptors and inhibits endocannabinoid breakdown. However, we haven’t discovered the true definition of CBD’s effectiveness.

This doesn’t mean that CBD won’t help you achieve wellness; we’re just not sure how it helps. 

Many people, including myself, have benefitted from incorporating CBD daily into a supplement or wellness regimen. 

While CBD won’t cure your tooth and jaw problems, it may make life more comfortable while you struggle with these problems. Again, CBD isn’t a replacement for dentistry and professional treatment.

Does CBD Help TMJ and Tooth Pain?

Best CBD for TMJ & Toothpain

While research is limited, it’s still ongoing. In addition, there isn’t much information on CBD and TMD. 

However, what is available is positive. While CBD doesn’t cure TMD, one dentist has said that CBD can reduce inflammation and decrease muscle tension caused by TMD. In other trials, CBD was more effective than a placebo at reducing TMD pain.

Other members of the dentistry and science communities say CBD can also treat the pain and inflammation that comes with tooth pain. I’m even seeing that CBD has antibacterial properties that can benefit oral health. 

But I will seriously emphasize that CBD is in no way a replacement for dental cleanings and exams. If you have tooth pain, please see your dentist. You may need one of the treatments I will mention next.

Traditional Treatments


There aren’t many TMD treatment options. Botox can relax the jaw muscles, and bite guards can prevent tooth grinding. There isn’t much you can do for TMD other than various prescription medications. You can get surgery, but your dentist would rarely suggest this.

Most of those with TMD do home treatments. I haven’t been diagnosed with TMD, but I often get jaw popping and even mild lockjaw, with occasional discomfort (not pain). Other than CBD, I massage and stretch my jaw. That seems to help.

Other home TMD treatments I see include watching what you eat (soft food, not chewing gum, etc.), reducing inflammation with ice, and lowering stress with therapy, yoga, and meditation.

Tooth Pain

Your tooth pain treatment depends on what’s causing the pain. Tooth pain is often a symptom of something serious, so be sure to visit your dentist if you’re suffering from tooth pain.

Sometimes, tooth pain comes from minor sensitivity problems. In that case, your dentist may suggest over-the-counter NSAIDs.

Sometimes, food particles get stuck in between your teeth. Flossing at least once a day will relieve that pain. If the pain is caused by tooth decay, you’ll need to get a filling. Abscesses cause the worst pain. In that case, you need a root canal.

If you have a tooth fracture, the treatment depends on the severity of the fracture. Most will get veneers. But if the fracture is infected, you’ll need a root canal or even a tooth extraction.

Is CBD Safe?

While CBD is thought to be safe, understand that the FDA doesn’t regulate it. When using CBD, know that you’re using it at your own risk, and you’ll have to do your due diligence to find the best products.

CBD also comes with some side effects. The most common ones include:

Changes in weight
Appetite changes

CBD may also interact with some medications. However, these seem to only be moderate. It’s still a good idea to talk to your doctor and dentist about using CBD.

How to Find the Best CBD for TMJ & Tooth Pain

How do you find a CBD product for TMD and toothaches? Here are a few general guidelines to follow.

Brand Reputation

There are many CBD brands out there, so only buy from reputable companies. Ensure they haven’t received any FDA warning letters and that there aren’t any lawsuits against the brand.

It’s also worth checking online reviews. Most brands allow verified buyers to leave reviews on the product pages and the company website. It’s a good idea to read a combination of positive and negative reviews to better understand the brand.


The best CBD companies exercise transparency by informing their customers on how they make their products and where they source their hemp. This information should be available on their website.

Third-Party Lab Tests

CBD brands send samples of their products to a third-party lab to ensure they’re safe for consumption. The lab test, called the certificate of analysis (COA), will show the cannabinoid content in the product and whether or not it has any dangerous contaminants.

Type of CBD

There are multiple types of CBD products out there. I recommend a tincture, edible, or topical.

Tinctures are what I recommend the most. The hemp extract is mixed with a carrier oil, and you take it the sublingual method, meaning under the tongue. Your body will absorb the cannabinoids quicker, so you’ll feel relief fast.

Edibles are either gummies or capsules. You swallow them the same way you would any food product. The downside is the cannabinoids have to go through your digestive system, so it can take an hour or two to feel the effects.

The other option is a topical. This is beneficial since you apply the topical to the localized area of pain. However, you’ll have to use the CBD on your face, so be sure the CBD product doesn’t clog your pores. Reach out to the brand if you’re unsure.


Regardless of the CBD product, you decide to try, always review the ingredients. Ensure the brand uses natural and safe ingredients. 

If you’re using a topical, ensure no ingredients can cause an allergic reaction. Some products may include additional ingredients to help with pain and inflammation. It’s important to consider these products since they will be more effective.

How I Chose These Products

I use the above factors and more to decide on these products. They include:

Natural hemp source
Third-party testing
No pesticides and other harmful materials
Contains the legal amount of THC for full spectrum products
Brand recognition
Natural and safe ingredients
Received no FDA warning letters
Positive reviews

My Favorite CBD Products for TMJ and Tooth Pain

MedTerra Rapid Recovery Cream

MedTerra Rapid Recovery Cream

This cream is an excellent option since it’s formulated to heal the muscles and joints. Just apply a little bit directly on the TMJ joints. It’s a CBD isolate and only contains additional ingredients, such as menthol and arnica, to decrease pain and inflammation.

It does seem safe to use on the face. However, MedTerra recommends looking at the ingredients to ensure they won’t cause an allergic reaction. I would also do a patch test.


Soothes soreness
MedTerra is a reputable company


May need the strongest option for severe TMJ

Penguin CBD Oil

Penguin CBD Oil

Penguin CBD oil is a brand with excellent recognition. There are many reasons why I’m recommending this CBD oil. It’s made with broad spectrum CBD oil, which is lovely if you don’t want any THC in your tincture. 

This oil is high-quality, with organic hemp sourced from Oregon. They also have positive reviews across the board.

This CBD oil is available in multiple strengths. I recommend at least 1,000mg to see results. You can also choose different flavors, though I prefer natural. To access the test results, scroll down to the bottom header.


Multiple potencies for a variety of users
Great for daily use


Users reported it works best at night

CBDfx Face Mask in Lavender

CBDfx Face Mask in LavenderWhile CBDfx formulated these face masks for skin care benefits, you may experience some TMJ benefits with the lavender mask. 

Researchers state that lavender essential oil has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Sure enough, lavender oil is one of the ingredients at the top of the list.


Affordable – $6.99/mask
Easy to use – place on face after cleansing and leave on for 10 minutes
Lavender is soothing and may relieve your pain and inflammation


Eyeholes are small
Feels cold on the skin
Customers complained there was a lot of product in the pouch

Verma Farms Gummies in Maui Melon

Verma Farms Gummies in Maui Melon

Do you want to decrease your soreness with a tasty treat? If so, Verma Farms is known for its Hawaiian-inspired gummy flavors. 

These gummies are available in various flavors, but I’m personally a melon lover. This award-winning company offers lab test results conveniently on its website. 

There’s 500mg of CBD per container and 25mg/CBD per gummy.


Taste like watermelon rings
A suitable dosage for beginners
Variety of flavors to choose from


Contains artificial flavoring
Not vegan (contains gelatin)

Naternal Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1200mg

Naternal Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1200mg

Naternal offers a variety of tinctures and edibles, but I want to mention a full spectrum oil for those who prefer to heal with THC. This tincture still contains less than 0.3% THC. 

In addition to full spectrum hemp extract, this tincture only contains MCT oil. There are multiple potency options, but I recommend 1,200mg to get the best results. Naternal recommends you start with a 20mg serving, which is half of the dropper.


Offer a subscription service
Great quality for the price
Excellent customer service reviews
Full spectrum


Only offer natural flavor
Only sold in the U.S.


Question: How Long Does CBD Take to Work?

Answer: It depends on the method you’re using. If you’re using it the sublingual form, it should take around 15-30 minutes. If you’re taking an edible, wait an hour or two. For a topical, I think they take a few minutes, but around 15-45 minutes is a reasonable time frame.

Question: How do you Use CBD Oil for TMJ?

Answer: I would use it the sublingual method. Lift your tongue and empty the dropper under your tongue. Hold the product under the tongue for about a minute before swallowing.

Question: Can I Put CBD Topicals on my Face?

Answer: This depends on the product you’re using. Some creams and balms have ingredients that may irritate the delicate skin on your face. I suggest reaching out to the brand and asking. The only brand I found that told a customer they can apply their topical to the face is MedTerra.


TMJ and tooth pain are everyday struggles that many of us have. You may be wondering if CBD will help. While you should always get a dentist’s recommendation, CBD may be a good option if you’re in-between dentist appointments.

In order to find the best CBD product for tooth pain and TMD, look for certain qualities such as transparency, reputation, CBD type, third-party test results, and safe ingredients. Always refer to our product recommendations if you’re unsure which one to choose.

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