Settle Down With Your Family In Temuka, South Canterbury

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Traffic jams, pollution and far too many people – not everybody wants to live in New Zealand’s urban centres. A lot of families are looking to settle down and enjoy the relaxing, stress free lifestyle that the country is known for. If you are a young family or just looking for a place to settle down, South Canterbury offers some fantastic opportunities in both property and lifestyle.

As one of the most stable markets in the country and a fantastic city to be a part of Timaru and the surrounding district has been quickly growing in popularity for the past five to ten years. Temuka is the second largest town in South Canterbury with a lot to offer new residents. Just twenty minutes north of Timaru City itself, Temuka is a fantastic little township of just over four thousand people.

Why Choose Temuka?

New Zealand is iconic for its small towns and rural living and homes for sale in Timaru and South Canterbury towns like Temuka are packed with reasons for this reputation. As well as being incredibly relaxed, with more focus on free time and living the lifestyle that you want to lead, property prices in South Canterbury are far lower than the national average with trends of stability that any potential owner would be ecstatic about.

With a median property price just over $210,000 NZD, the township is close to $140,000 NZD below the national median. Lifestyle blocks and farmland are commonly available and, with more space than you’d find in Auckland, Wellington or even Christchurch, you have the freedom to do what you want with your property from raising cattle to simply enjoying a spacious backyard.

A Tight Knit Local Community

New Zealand’s urban centres and larger cities don’t offer nearly the same sense of community and closeness that you can find in South Canterbury. Temuka pairs a vibrant CBD, cafe and restaurant culture with the friendliness of rural living. A strong focus on the outdoors means that favourite pasttimes include hiking, mountain biking, rafting, hunting, fishing and trips to the beach. Don’t judge too quickly: just because Temuka is a small town doesn’t mean it is devoid of exciting things to do – in fact most residents would boast quite the opposite.

Free yourself from the stress and worry of urban New Zealand living and enjoy what the country does best. Settle down in Temuka and enjoy the peace of South Canterbury. There’s never been a better time to buy and there’s nowhere better than Timaru.

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